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Anastasia Benson, DO

Anastasia Benson, DO, is a family physician and owner of Paradigm Family Health, a direct primary care practice in Dallas, Texas.  She attended medical school at Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and she completed her family medicine residency at Methodist Charlton Hospital in Dallas.  Dr. Benson is active in healthcare advocacy including recently speaking with White House advisors regarding direct primary care and to congressmen, physicians and members of the insurance industry at the recent National Physicians’ Council on Healthcare Policy.  She currently serves on the Board of Governors for the Texas Society of ACOFP and as the chair for the DPC Special Interest Group for ACOFP.

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124th Annual Convention "Mind, Body, Spirit" - Sunday

Total Credits: 3 including 3 AOA Category 1-A Credit(s)

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Natasha N. Bray, DO |  Salman Zubair, MD |  Rebecca D. Lewis, DO |  Duane G. Koehler, DO, FACOFP
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Gap Analysis: The conference serves as a pivotal platform for osteopathic physicians to explore the intersection of healthcare delivery focusing on whole-body healing. The conference highlights advan...
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