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Benjamin Moyars

Mr. Moyars is a police officer with the Battle Ground Police Department in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. When not on duty, he also is the co-owner (along with Sooyeon Shin) of Moyars Consulting LLC, a firm that specializes in law enforcement training nationwide providing certified training to police officers on topics such as cultural diversity and de-escalation as well as foreign perspectives on mental illness, domestic violence, and human trafficking.  He is a Senior Instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board and is Crisis Intervention Team Certified.  Related to human trafficking, he serves on the Labor Trafficking Committee and is Co-Chair of the Law Enforcement Committee of IPATH, a statewide Anti-Trafficking Taskforce.  Additionally, Mr. Moyars often provides services as a Mandarin interpreter (as skill he was forced to acquire through years of literal trial by fire in the in the bowels of a traditional Chinese culinary school in Beijing) on VICE and trafficking investigations.  Outside of law enforcement, he frequently is hired as a public speaker, delivering keynotes around the country on topics related to China and foreign language learning.  In the local nonprofit world, Mr. Moyars serves as the board president of the International Center of West Lafayette, and in 2017 was a recipient of the Top 10 Under 40 award in Greater Lafayette.