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Caitlin Szalay, LMSW

Caity Szalay attended Smith College where they obtained a bachelor’s in education and Psychology. After graduating from their undergraduate Caity got their masters at the Smith School for Social Work. Their first internship was at a therapeutic high school where they worked with teens on building social skills and processing trauma. Their second internship was at a day-treatment program for individuals who had just experienced their first psychotic break. Here, Caity helped run an art group, an LGBTQ group, and did individual therapy. 

While in their master’s program, Caity focused on LGBTQ issues. They were really interested in providing affirming care to the LGBTQ community so they took as many classes on the subject as they could. Caity moved to Iowa because they wanted to do more rural outreach. During their first year in Iowa, they were part of One Iowa’s LGBTQ leadership institute. After completing the institute, they started presenting on issues surrounding access and gatekeeping within the medical and social work field as it related to trans issues. Caity has offices in both Des Moines and Iowa City. The majority of their caseload is LGBTQ individuals. Their passion is helping clients navigate the medical world in a way that helps them ensure they get the most affirming care possible.