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Charlie Ross, DO

Charles Ross of Roseburg is board certified in emergency medicine and family practice and has practiced in Oregon for 39 years. He has a part time Lifestyle Medicine practice in Roseburg and is an Assistant Professor at Western University of Health Sciences.
Dr. Ross has embraced Lifestyle Medicine and is involved in the Lifestyle Medicine program at COMP-Northwest and has embraced this in his own practice. Promoting this change in medical practice, he has seen the benefits to the people he interacts with.
"I have personally seen people change what they choose to eat, how they exercise and how they manage stress. The result is finding health that they could not otherwise achieve. They have lost weight, reduced the number of pills for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, pain medications, and many other conditions. I have found that people meeting in groups to help reinforce new behaviors is highly effective compared to the one-on-one sessions I tried to help people with in the past. The one-on-one sessions can be helpful to get people started on a path to health, but the group support increases the long term benefits."
His hope is to help his local community and the physician community at large change how we advise and help our patients to achieve their optimum health.