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Daniel Horuzsko

Daniel Horuzsko is currently a second-year medical student attending the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine at South Georgia. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology degree from Augusta University where he went on to complete a Master of Public Health concentrated in Healthcare Management and Policy followed by a Master in Biomedical Sciences from Georgia PCOM. His research experience encompasses a wide array in the field of medicine which includes transplantation, cancer, immunology, and cardiovascular health. His research efforts have been featured in journals such as The Journal of Clinical Investigation, FASEB Journal, and Human Immunology. His work has been presented at multiple scientific meetings including the International HLA-G Conference in Paris, France and Experimental Biology. The research in focus was accomplished alongside his colleagues at the Medical College of Georgia Cancer Center and provides a novel model for optimal donor selection in organ transplantation. He aspires to pursue a career in surgery and continue his focus on translational research to enhance patient outcomes for the future.