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Dave Denniston, CFA

If you're like many physicians, you're sick of the taxes that you pay and the debt hanging over your head. However, you're not sure what to do, let alone how to juggle all of the priorities in your life and tackling the tremendous financial pressure. Dave is an advocate for physicians in this area. Among his friends and colleagues, he has collaborated with The White Coat Investor, Physician on Fire, Dike Drummond, Pamela Wible, and many, many others. He lives right here in Bloomington, MN- just down the street. He has an active blog focused just on doctors to provide them with the financial education they never received in medical school. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA Charterholder specializing in analysis and generally being a numbers nerd. In over 15 years of financial planning experience, he has seen physicians been very patriotic. They not only love their patients, but they love their country and they pay A LOT in taxes to Uncle Sam. He wants to help you make sure that you can still be patriotic and pay a bit less to Uncle Sam in your retirement!