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Gregory Pokrywka

Gregory Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA FASPC NCMP is a Board-Certified Internist from Baltimore/Towson Md. He attended Duke University worked as a biochemist attended University of Maryland Medical School and was Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Mercy Hospital Baltimore. He has been in private practice since 1987 and formed the Baltimore Lipid Center in 2001. Dr. Pokrywka has further pursued his interest in Menopausal Lipidology through certification as a Credentialed Menopause Practitioner by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). He is a November 2005 Inaugural Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology (“Board Certified in Clinical Lipidology”) and is one of a handful of U.S physicians double-certified in Menopause and Lipidology. In March of 2009 Dr. Pokrywka was elected by his peers to the honor of “Fellow of the National Lipid Assn.” (FNLA) Fellowship in the National Lipid Association recognizes the excellence innovation and leadership of health professionals in the NLA with respect to Clinical Lipidology in private practice or academic settings. In August 2016 Dr. Pokrywka was among the first physicians elected by his peers as a Fellow of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology (ASPC). This honor recognizes excellence innovation and leadership in preventive cardiology. Dr Pokrywka now serves as Assistant Professor for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.