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Jason W. Sims, DO

Jason W. Sims, DO earned is Doctor of Osteopathy at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Tulsa, OK in 2006. After graduation, he performed his family medicine/OMT residency at the Oklahoma State University Medical Center. Board certified in family medicine/OMT, Dr. Sims is the medical director of the first and, what remains, the only Comprehensive Cannabis Care Clinic in Oklahoma which is called the Tulsa Higher Care Clinic.

Dr. Sims said in a recent news clip, “medical marijuana is not about getting high. Period. We’re setting the standard for medical marijuana care and how it should be done.”

As well as being the medical director of THC₂, he is also the medical directors for Hominy EMS, Pawhuska EMS, Genesis Renewal, and the Empower Spa and Wellness.

Dr. Sims has no financial relationships or affiliations to disclose.