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Jen Bolen

Ms. Bolen is a nationally recognized expert with 30+years cumulative experience and training as an  attorney and regulatory compliance consultant in pain management, addiction treatment recovery,  and clinical laboratory. For nearly 14 years, Ms. Bolen served the US Department of Justice in the role  of Assistant US Attorney and handled healthcare fraud cases. 

Ms. Bolen is recognized as a national legal expert on compliance and risk management related to controlled  medications and drug testing. She frequently audits clinical laboratories and medical practices with the goal of  improving controlled substance prescribing and the documentation of prescribing rationale, data-driven use of drug  testing in patient treatment plans, structure and documentation of controlled substance and patient risk  management practices, laboratory billing and coding, and overall medical necessity documentation. She regularly  finds expert witnesses for attorneys and their clients for cases involving allegations of inappropriate prescribing and  false claims associated with clinical laboratory testing. She also periodically serves as expert legal counsel to assist  other attorneys and their clients in litigation involving these topics and others. 

Ms. Bolen also specializes in laboratory C-suite team operations (business strategy and marketing practices) and risk  mitigation; laboratory coding and reimbursement; laboratory and medical practice audit and regulatory response to  government and licensing board investigations and litigation. She works with both physician office and independent  clinical laboratories. She consults with private equity firms and performs due diligence for them on financial matters  related to pain management and clinical laboratory assets. 

Ms. Bolen discloses that she is a consultant for Paradigm Healthcare.