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Jesse Lopez, DO, FACOS

Jesse J. Lopez Jr., DO, FACOS is a traditionally trained physician who believes in a holistic approach to healthcare and healing. Combining the best of both worlds, Dr. Lopez has practiced surgery and medicine over the past 28 years with the philosophy that one must consider all aspects of an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs in order to facilitate healing. His expertise in integrated surgical and medical care allows the patient to utilize multiple modalities to facilitate their healing. This concept is cutting edge, and AkasaCare Integrated Medicine and Surgery, formerly known as Heartland Surgical Care, is one of the few traditional medical and surgical practices that offers in-house energy healing modalities such as Reiki therapy and life coaching. Dr. Lopez is a board certified general and trauma surgeon. His areas of expertise include bariatric surgery (surgical weight loss); medical weight loss; bio-identical hormone and replacement therapy and metabolic medicine; stem cell therapies; aesthetics, such as Botox and fillers; CBD (cannabinoids) therapy; and, endoscopies such as colonoscopy and stomach scoping.Dr. Lopez also serves as the Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer of American Shaman CBD Company and Medical Director of the Advanced Aesthetics Med Spa. Dr. Lopez is also involved in several philanthropic and volunteer endeavors, including serving on the Board of Directors of the Coyote Trails School of Nature, the International Society of Cannabis Business Development, and the Blue Valley River Forest School. He has also served on the school board of his children’s school and has served in the community in various ways, such as Little League coaching for many years. Additionally, he has been involved in charitable medical mission trips to countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, and Tajikistan.

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Bariatric Surgery: The Functional and Integrative Approach

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Jesse Lopez, DO, FACOS
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Bariatric Surgery: The Functional and Integrative Approach To obtain an understanding of the Indications for Bariatric procedures To gain knowledge and a better understanding of Bariatric procedures T...
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