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Jorge Luis Moreno, DO

Jorge Luis Moreno, D.O. is a husband to a lovely wife and a father of seven healthy beautiful children (all from the same joyful mom). Their age range is 27y/o - 10y/o.  Boys are up by 1, 4 boys and 3 girls. He has been practicing Integrative Medicine for 20 years and initially began his practice as a traditional hands-on–Osteopath. He is the Chief Medical Officer of Center for Wellness located in Los Angeles, California.


In the past six years he has volunteered at Monty Robert’s Horse Sense for Healing weekends offering Veterans and their families support. These 3 days weekends are “transformational” for some of the veterans that participate. This involvement has taught him that “healing” comes in all shapes and sizes. The development of dialogue, enhancing communication, body awareness, the positive improvements in some of the Veterans/First Responders lives speak to the powerful healing that exists in nature and in community.


Dr. Moreno continues to teach at the Expanding Osteopathic Course @ Western University of Health Sciences. For 6 years he also has taught residents from Downey Community Hospital Foundations, Family Practice Residency work with him at the Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School football games. Dr. Moreno continues to volunteer as team physician and attends all home football games, and some basketball, soccer, and volleyball games.


He also mentors residents, medical students and pre-med students.


The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine hosts Dr. Moreno as a regular speaker. His latest presentations have been on “Connection: Love is the Most Powerful Healing Force”,  “Ways to Connect with your Patient”, “Health Benefits of Standing”, “Health Evaluation – Physical Exam”, “From Anxiety to Neuroblastoma”.


In 2015, he and a group of like-minded physicians began to develop an Integrative Medicine Model in Omaha, Nebraska at Cornerstone Progressive Health.


In his spare time Dr. Moreno enjoys being with his wife and children, dancing with his wife, interval training, bike riding, swimming, learning, reading, spending time with his family.