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Kaori Morimoto

Ms. Kaori Morimoto is a pre-doctoral neuromusculoskeletal teaching fellow for 2019-2022 academic years at Western University of Health Sciences, COMP–Northwest. She is passionate about women’s health and served as the vice president of the National Student Society of ACOOG during the 2019-2020. Ms. Morimoto is originally from Hiroshima, Japan, where she spent the first two decades of her life actively engaging herself with peace education. She learned law for two years at Chuo University in Tokyo and transferred to University of Oregon, where she found her true passion in science and medicine. Ms. Morimoto has a special interest in lifestyle medicine and women’s health. In her free time, Ms. Morimoto enjoys spending her time with her family. Her hobbies are rock climbing, backpacking, cooking, and playing the piano.