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Kate Stitham, PhD

I have more than a decade of experience in working in complex, multicultural spaces with high levels of polarization and division, both abroad and in the US. I study organizational culture; how to foster more inclusive and equitable environments that are rooted in authentic and meaningful communication and partnership. I've helped small nonprofits, large advocacy groups, and big businesses, with one goal in mind - to transform not just the policies and practices of institutions but the way we talk about and think about difference. I've created the three lenses of bias framework and written a white paper on the 5 characteristics of optimal work culture.

Kate Stitham is the President, Founder, and Lead Consultant of Integrative Inquiry, a consulting firm that partners with organizations to build stronger, more effective teams rooted in collaboration, innovation, and equity. Drawing from more than a decade working nation-wide and internationally, her integrative approach fuses cutting-edge educational development theory with diverse contexts and perspectives. She conducts retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and consults with a variety of professions to support strategic planning, leadership development and culture change.

Ms. Stitham has no disclosures.