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Michael Baker

Dr. Michael Baker has practiced surgery for more than 35 years in Contra Costa County. He is completed a surgery residency and is board certified in General Surgery, completed a fellowship in cardiovascular surgery, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has served as a surgery department chair for over 20 years, and is on the clinical faculty at two medical schools. Dr. Baker teaches combat casualty care, triage, trauma, and response to complex disasters and humanitarian emergencies, has published over 60 peer reviewed articles, and has lectured at numerous national and international conferences and at US military bases around the world.
Dr. Baker retired from the United States Navy with the rank of Rear Admiral after 30 years of uniformed service to his country. On retirement he was awarded his third Legion of Merit, which he proudly wears alongside his Marine Corps Combat Action ribbon and the Combat Craft River Warfare pin.