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Phillip Masters, PharmD, RPh

Dr. Masters is the Clinical/Ambulatory Care Pharmacist at Lucas County Health Center Medical Clinic in Chariton, Iowa.  He graduated from Drake University with a Doctor of Pharmacy in May 2020 and has been in the role as the Clinical Pharmacist since July 2020.  The clinical pharmacy program was started on a part-time basis in June 2019 and became a full-time position when he was hired.  He is still learning every day and adapting to solve new challenges faced by the healthcare team.  

During his final year of the PharmD program, he experienced the job of a pharmacist in 6 different rotations in 6 unique settings, as well as one rotation with the Iowa Pharmacy Association.  He was drawn back home to Chariton for the opportunity to build this program and serves his hometown community.  Lucas County Health Center includes a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital, Medical Clinic (Certified Rural Health Clinic), and many other specialty clinics and services.  It is one of very few Rural Health Clinics in the country with full-time clinical pharmacy services.  As the Clinical Pharmacist, he sees patients in his office to help them better manage chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and many other comorbidities.  He also provides support to the medical staff answering medication-related questions, completing medication prior-authorizations, and reviewing Drug-Utilization-Reviews sent by pharmacies and insurance companies.  He works with the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative on their Medication Management Accelerator grant and is currently working with them on their Improving Detection of Undiagnosed Hypertension and Cholesterol project.  With a major focus on improving patient outcomes and quality of care, he cannot wait to see what the future holds and show that pharmacists have an integral place in the healthcare field outside the hospital or retail pharmacy.