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Polly Wiltz

Polly was born in Pullman, WA and spent the majority of her youth between Herzogenaurach, Germany and Kennewick, WA. She graduated from Kamiakin High School in 2009 and moved to Bellingham, WA to attend Western Washington University. She obtained a double degree in Biochemistry and Spanish, and after graduation she moved to Nicaragua to serve as a Community Health Educator for the United States Peace Corps. She spent three years in Central America, organizing national service provider trainings on HIV, reproductive health and STI prevention in local high schools and providing exclusive breastfeeding and newborn nutrition courses in rural outposts in the mountains of Boaco. She was instrumental in establishing Special Olympics Nicaragua, being assigned to the Board of Directors at the Healthy Athlete Program Director. After returning from the Peace Corps in 2018, Polly applied and was accepted into medical school at Pacific Northwest University in Yakima, WA. Her interests in medicine range from acute trauma management to sustainable behavior change. She is a fluent Spanish speaker with a passion for hiking volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain Range and windsurfing the Columbia in Hood River.