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Robyn Dreibelbis

Dr. Dreibelbis embodies the definition of doctor = teacher. As such she takes every opportunity to empower her patients in their ultimate counsels and educates her patients in the power of lifestyle determinants of health in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. She continues to teach one-on-one in the office setting and extends into the college level as a team physician and medical director for the athletic training program at Linfield College in McMinnville. This ties very closely into her lifelong focus on health, wellness, and fitness for her, for her family, and for the patients that she has had the good fortune to care for over the years.


Dr. Dreibelbis has lived her life anchored in the understanding that we all need to make good choices in all aspects of our personal health and she helped her patients understand that, as well. Now, she has the opportunity to educate medical students in the science of lifestyle factors that are so integral in our approach to the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and learn to integrate these lifestyle factors as they begin to have crucial conversations with the patients they care for. With the creation of the Healthy Living and Wellness Initiative housed at Western University of Health Sciences/COMP-Northwest, the conversations that she had each and every day with her patients will be duplicated many times over as the students she teaches will have that same knowledge to be able to positively impact their patients for decades to come.