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Rory Collin King, OMS

Rory King, OMSII grew up in Washington, Missouri and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Saint Louis University in 2012.  His research experience began at SLU with a senior project in urban ecology under the direction of Dr. Gerardo Camillo.  After graduation, King worked in agricultural labs preforming NextGen Sequencing, ELISA assay, and rtPCR - optimizing these techniques for different crops in highly automated, high-throughput labs.  In 2014, Rory left agricultural benchwork and took a position as a cell sorter operator in the Sitemann Cancer Center Flow Core at Washington University School of Medicine.  There, he assisted researchers in Hematology-Oncology by optimizing their sort parameters and performing flow analysis. 

Currently, Rory King is studying the affects of neurotoxins on human neural development in Dr. Kisby’s Lab as part of the Research Longitudinal Track.  He is an Air Force Health Professions Scholarship recipient and in his spare time enjoys alpine climbing, running, and skiing with his wife.