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Suzanne Sirota-Rozenberg, DO

Dr. Sirota Rozenberg is a board certified dermatologist practicing in Woodmere, New York. Dr. Sirota Rozenberg earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1988. After medical school, she completed her internship and residency in family practice at Peninsula Hospital Center in Far Rockaway NY in 1992, and has been board certified in family medicine since then. She practiced for the next ten years with her brother in family medicine and her father in vein sclerotherapy. Starting in 1996, she taught in the Family Medicine department at NYITCOM, and also taught in the Osteopathic Family Medicine program at St. John's Episcopal Hospital. Beginning in 2002, she returned to residency in Dermatology at St. Johns. She served as Chief Resident and graduated in 2005, becoming Board Certified in Dermatology by the AOBD. From July 2005 until December 2012, she was assistant dermatology program director and associate DME at St. Johns. She then became Program Director at St. Johns and has been running the program since, growing the program from 4 residents to 9 and achieving ACGME accreditation. Dr. Sirota Rozenberg also maintains positions as Clinical Adjunct Professor at TouroCOM and LECOM. She has a full time practice in Dermatology with her daughter as well. Dr. Sirota Rozenberg has multiple memberships in local, state and national societies. She is a Past President of the AOCD and a Fellow of Distinction. Since 2013, she has been active in the AOA House of Delegates and is currently the Vice Chair of the New York delegation. She is also Past President of the New York chapter of ACOFP, and remains active in the organization with continual lectures to the membership. As part of the AOCD, she has served as a Trustee, Vice Presidents, President, member of the EEC, membership, bylaws and nominating committee. She serves as the AOCD representative to the AOA PTRC committee. She is currently treasurer of Long Island Derm Society. Dr. Sirota Rozenberg has been a vocal advocate for Osteopathic Medical Education and recognition. During her tenure as AOCD president, she advocated for equal membership in the American Academy of Dermatology. As part of the AAD ad Hoc task force, members were educated about osteopathic dermatology and the third vote for full recognition as fellows went through. Today, DOs and MDs work hand in hand in dermatology. Dr. Sirota Rozenberg lectures locally and nationally, and has numerous publications with her residents. In addition to being board certified in Dermatology, she maintains her certification in Family Medicine and Sclerotherapy. Most importantly, Dr. Sirota Rozenberg remains dedicated to her husband, Dr. Barry Rozenberg, and her ever-growing family. She has 5 children, a son-in- law, daughter-in- law, and 9 beautiful grandchildren. .tb_button {padding:1px;cursor:pointer;border-right: 1px solid #8b8b8b;border-left: 1px solid #FFF;border-bottom: 1px solid #fff;}.tb_button.hover {borer:2px outset #def; background-color: #f8f8f8 !important;}.ws_toolbar {z-index:100000} .ws_toolbar .ws_tb_btn {cursor:pointer;border:1px solid #555;padding:3px} .tb_highlight{background-color:yellow} .tb_hide {visibility:hidden} .ws_toolbar img {padding:2px;margin:0px}