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Talene Churukian, DO, MPH


Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center

Talene M. Churukian, DO is a Board Certified Sleep Specialist. She completed a Master’s in Public Health from Boston University as a precursor to medical school and continued on to complete her medical school training at Kansas City University. Due to her training in a grassroots environment she found the philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine to be more in line with a broader approach to patient care, which she has carried over today into her specialty practice. Dr. Churukian went on to complete all of her post graduate training at the UCLA/VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System in the field of Internal Medicine and was one of the first two fellows to complete training in an ACGME-approved Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the VA.

Given her primary training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Churukian practices comprehensively in the field of Sleep Medicine treating not only sleep disordered breathing and narcolepsy but also patients with insomnia, circadian sleep phase disorders (and shift work disorders), sleep-related movement disorders, parasomnias and hypersomnias.

Dr. Churukian is passionate about the field of sleep medicine and her broad treatment approach to sleep disorders is an added asset: “I believe in distinguishing the need to treat the patient and not just the disorder. Patients bring in a multitude of psychosocial and emotional factors that affect their sleep and in order to improve one’s quality of life these dynamics must be taken into account.”

In addition, Dr. Churukian brings with her the vision of a comprehensive Sleep Center that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with any sleep disorder.

Dr. Churukian discloses that she has no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this program or presentation.  She also discloses that she has no relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests relative to the content of this presentation.