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Victor Nuno, DO

Dr. Nuño is an assistant professor at Touro University California - College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCCOM) in the department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). Dr. Nuño received his Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) degree from TUCCOM in 2008. He completed his residency in neuromusculoskeletal and osteopathic manipulative medicine (NMM/OMM) from Southampton Hospital, in Southampton, NY, in December 2012.

Dr. Nuño’s approach to osteopathic medicine has always included integrative therapies and he achieved integrative medicine board certification in 2017. He passionately believes in a partnership between physicians and patients, and that patients have an innate capacity to heal themselves. In addition to being an assistant professor at TUCCOM, he is a physician and owner of Seek Optimal Health, P.C., which is an integrative and holistic medical practice in Vallejo, CA.