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Vishakha Sharma

Greetings! My name is Vishakha Sharma and I am a first year medical student at Kansas City University. I am originally from India, grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and recently moved to Kansas City, Missouri for school. I studied biological sciences with a minor in social work and chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. I obtained my master’s in immunology along with my thesis in Aging and Gender Effects in Obesity from the University of Cincinnati. I am currently performing clinical research with an excellent and inspiring research team. We previously published an article on malnutrition, health, and machine learning. I am currently leading a systematic review on gut microbiome, stroke, and machine learning, which we will soon be submitting to a journal. I recently collaborated on a new project focusing on C. difficile and machine learning, which I am incredibly excited for. I am blessed to have these great research opportunities and will continue to contribute to the advancement of science and medicine alongside my medical studies. Thank you!