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Yung-Wei Chi

Dr. Chi is a Professor of Medicine at the UC Davis Vascular Center. He is an internationally renown authority in vascular medicine with clinical expertise on venous, arterial and lymphatic disorders. A prolific author and researcher, he has presented his research works and lectured at major national and international conferences. His research comprises all aspects of vascular medicine, focusing on vascular ultrasound imaging, anti-thrombotic therapy, cellular based/angiogenesis therapy for peripheral arterial disease, and venous diseases and interventions. As part of the first group of board-certified phlebologists in the U.S., Dr. Chi is a regional expert in catheter-based endovenous treatment of venous disorders.

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Chronic Venous Insufficiency

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Yung-Wei Chi
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Lower extremity venous insufficiency, or venous incompetence, is a common medical condition that affects 25-30% of adult women and about 15% of men in Western society.
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