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Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC

Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC has been a leader involved in the private sector, research, hospital, and academic arenas of healthcare extensively. His passion for making a difference in Healthcare has led to numerous achievements and recognitions. Dr. Amini is the President and CEO of South Florida Cardiology Consultants. He has also served as managing partner and founder of Elite Cardiology LLC multi practice organization.  Currently, he is President of Broward County Osteopathic Medical Association, Board of Trustees Member of Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, while serving on the Board of Directors of Broward Medical Association.  He has served as a Florida Delegate to the AOA House of Delegates, voting and helping shape the future of healthcare and its policies.  Dr. Amini was recently appointed by Florida’s Deputy Secretary of Medicaid and Agency for Health Care Administration to the State of Florida Drug Utilization Board and serves as the Vice Chair. Dr. Kayvan Amini has trained at prestigious institutions including Mount Sinai School of Medicine, University of Southern California, and Mount Sinai Medical Center while possessing board certifications in Cardiovascular Disease.  Dr. Amini has served as teaching faculty at Nova Southeastern Kiran Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine as he continues to educate and lecture in the medical arena at local and state level including FOMA. Along with the many other accolades, Dr. Amini has been involved in medical research and served as Clinical Trial Manager for the significant national clinical research study TACT by the National Institutes of Health.  He has received prestigious appointments including Fellow of American College of Cardiology, Memorial Health System Executive Committee while serving on multiple other patient safety and per review committees.  He has advanced training, experience and or licensure in non- invasive cardiac diagnostic testing including echocardiography, vascular medicine, cardiac nuclear medicine, critical care, preventative medicine, and heart failure. His passion for making a difference in healthcare has led to numerous achievements and recognitions including Top Doctor, Best Cardiologist in Pembroke Pines, patient awards, MHS awards, and third party consumer recognition awards.  He actively lectures at state level and local medical conferences while educating the public on healthcare and medicine as the medical expert, on the weekly I-Heart Radio broadcast, “Mission Possible”, along with "Life Changers".

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Cardiology Update 2023

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Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC
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Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC shares his expertise in the cardiology update 2023
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